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— May 16, 2016

Community Partnerships

Termico supporting the West Australian Community

— Apr 20, 2016

Spider in my broccoli

Spider in my broccoli from Woolworths

— Mar 22, 2016

Finding Scorpions

The danger of scorpions

— Feb 29, 2016

Happy Customers

Happy pest control customers

— Feb 9, 2016

Cockroach on rescue mission

Science is studying cockroaches to help save lives

— Jan 27, 2016

Termites Under the Carpet

It's a creepy thing to find termites under the carpet!

— Dec 22, 2015

Christmas Office Hours

Pest Control Perth Termico office hours for Christmas

— Dec 9, 2015

Termites in the garage?

You may not suspect any termite activity in your garage, but under the furniture you can discover a whole lot more than you…

— Nov 30, 2015

Unusual Termite Activity

— Nov 19, 2015

Termite Invasion Video

Termites munching away inside your home?

— Oct 8, 2015

Termites in Government

There is no particular group who is immune to termite invasion. Even the government get it wrong.

— Sep 14, 2015

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