Pest Control Perth | Termite Treatments for RAC members perth
Pest Control Perth | Termite Treatment Perth

— Aug 24, 2015

Spring in Perth

Spring in Perth can bring unwanted pests to your home. Get a spring termite check!

— May 19, 2015

Winter Home Maintenance

Thinking of DIY Winter Home Maintenance?

— Apr 21, 2015

Trust Your Tradie

Trusted Pest Control Technicians

— Jan 5, 2015

Maintenance and Pest Control for your Perth Property

Property maintenance starts with Pest Control

— Nov 7, 2014

Pest Free Pets in Perth

Keep your pets pest free in Perth

— Nov 4, 2014

Termico Pest Management Warranty

Trusted Termico Warranty Pest Control Perth

— Nov 4, 2014

Identify Your Pest

Which pest do I have in my house?

— Nov 4, 2014

3 Steps to avoid a home buyer blunder

3 Steps to help the Perth Home Buyer make a wiser decision and easily avoid some mistakes. Avoid a home buyer blunder!

— Oct 30, 2014

Termico Last Laugh Friday

Termico's Last Laugh Friday. Post a joke to our Facebook Page

— Oct 27, 2014

10 steps to help keep your home safe from crime this Summer.

Tips you can use to protect your home from criminal intruders; whilst we keep your home safe from other pests.

— Oct 24, 2014

Termite Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a House in Perth? Avoid buying a lemon! A pre purchase building inspection by a trusted, licensed pest control operator…

— Sep 24, 2014

Pest Control Perth | Termico flea control

Pest Control Perth | Termico help to protect your kids and pets from flea infestation.