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A Bee or Not a Bee?

Posted by  Leigh  Jan 9, 2017



There’s a whole group of animals and insects that mimic other species’ behaviour in order to get by in this world. There are also ones who use camouflage or deceptive behaviour. There’s an ant that mimics a spider and there’s a spider that mimics an ant.  

The photograph above is not a Honey Bee but a Drone Fly. The Drone Fly mimics the male Drone Bee in its appearance and in behaviour. The Drone Fly benefits from mimicking bees because it has no defense from predators other than being confused for bees who would sting their predators.

West Australian crops and wildflowers benefit from the Drone Fly because the species helps in pollination just as the Honey Bee does.

While the Drone Fly mimics the well-liked Honey Bee, the larvae are more like creatures from an alien movie. The long rat-tailed maggots live in polluted waterways and swamps and breath through a snorkel in their butts!

An important part of the service we provide at Termico is identifying the particular pest that is causing a problem at your place. It is vital that our technicians properly analyse the pest, the conditions and the location in order to protect your home and family and delver the correct treatment.

Self-diagnosing the problem may actually cause more harm to your property or loved ones in the future, if you get it wrong. Especially where termites are concerned, you need a trained technician for termite inspection and termite treatment.

So call in the experts who know a Drone Fly from a Honey Bee and can give you the benefit of Termico’s 20+ years of service to West Australian home owners.

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