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Here Comes The Sun

Posted by  Leigh  Oct 27, 2016


Warm and Sunny Days are here at last - and that’s what the pests are thinking too!

Have you seen all the flying termites around today? These sun loving termites are called alates.

They’re actually the same species of termite that lives in the dark damp underground but they are waiting for sunny spring so they can emerge, fly around a bit and find a new location to start a new family.

Termites are social insects and these emerging alates are destined to become queens in a new colony. Which is a concern for home owners with these alates coming out in their thousands in such a small area.

The alates are so important to the original colony living in the shadows, that soldier termites enter the sunshine to protect the alates while they launch. The soldiers slowly dying because of the exposure to light - giving their lives for the next generation to flourish.

Well let’s hope they’re not flourishing at your place.

Most home owners in Perth don't know that their home insurance does not cover termite damage!!

If you see these alates coming out of the pavers and flying around your home in Perth, you had better give us a call straight away so we can conduct a professional inspection and protect your home from further invasion.

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