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For the Love of Honey

Posted by  Leigh  Oct 19, 2016



Perth has experienced a slow start to Spring this year. Plenty of wet weather has postponed some of the usual insect activity but as given us an explosion of wildflowers and domestic flowers.

Fortunately, with an abundance of pollen and nectar the bees are thriving. However, as we come into warmer months and we are all heading outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and flowers, the bees annual swarming activity can be extremely hazardous to our safety.

In spring, bees start to swarm which is part of the natural life cycle of honey bee colonies.

According to the WA Department of Agriculture, “The queen, together with the field bees, leaves the overcrowded hive and clusters on a nearby object, usually a small tree or shrub. The swarm will often remain for a day or two while scout bees (worker bees) search for a new home, or it may move to another location.”

When bees get too close, the worst thing that people can do is try and hose the swarming bees with water, throw things at them or disturb them in anyway.

Expert help is needed to ensure people’s safety and to ensure the best outcome for the bees too. It’s important to keep children and pets away from the bees and to call us.

Termico are experts in tackling insect challenges. The video below shows Termico Technicians relocating a swarm of Bees from a Perth Northern Suburbs Primary School.




No Bees or Technicians were injured in the making of this video!

The bees were discovered by staff and the children were kept safely away from the area while the school contacted us. We were able to remove the bees safely and ensure they were relocated with a local apiarist.

Termico are working with local Apiarists to relocate and home Bee swarms in the Perth suburbs in an effort to slow the drastically declining numbers of this ecologically essential insect.

If you encounter swarming bees in close proximity to your home, school or community, give us a call.

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