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Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

Posted by  Charlotte  Aug 9, 2017

For many if not most of us the biggest investment we will ever make is buying a home!

Purchasing a new home or investment property is an exciting time, and while a property can look like the house of your dreams, it’s what you can’t see that can turn your dream home into your worst nightmare!

TERMITES are almost invisible, completely silent and have the potential to cause extensive damage before you even notice there is a problem. Termites tend to avoid open air and light, and as a result their colonies are typically underground, out of sight or within wood materials.

Before buying any home it is important that you have a qualified pest technician carry out a Pre - Purchase Timber Pest / Termite Inspection.

The purpose of this inspection is to provide you, the purchaser, with information regarding termites, decay and borers so that you can make an informed decision regarding the timber pest status of the property.

Though once you have bought your lovely new home remember; it is important to have regular / timber pest/ termite inspections, and to take preventative actions to make sure your home stays free from termites. Often we will hear ‘I had my house checked when we moved in and it was clear, so we don’t need another inspection’.

Termites can move into your home at any time and will be the most destructive house guest you will ever have! Termites are said to cause more damage to properties than flood, fire and storms combined, which is why regular termite inspections are so important!

Things to remember:

  1. Ensure you include on the offer and acceptance that your offer to buy the property is subject to a Timber Pest Inspection (Termites, Decay & Borer), and be specific about what findings will rescind your offer.
  2. Make sure your inspection is carried out by a qualified and licensed Pest Controller
  3. Find out what termite preventative system is currently in place for the home
  4. If no preventative systems are in place we strongly recommend you look at getting one installed. When researching this make sure you consider what warranties the company offer, and how long they have been operating for - After all you want to ensure you pick someone that will warrant their own work and be around if anything happens!
  5. Continue with regular termite inspections to ensure your home stays free from termites. Consumer Protection recommends that you arrange for a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home at least once a year!

For more information on what control measures you can take to protect your home against termites check out the link below: