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— Apr 20, 2018

The Feeding Sites

As news amongst the termites spreads about the wine barrel it quickly becomes everyone favourite feeding site!

— Mar 15, 2018

The Wine Barrel

It's a great day for Terry the Termite!

— Feb 7, 2018

The King and Queen

Life of the Termite King and Queen!

— Jan 8, 2018

I am I said

There’s always drama in the life of a termite; life threatening situations actually and desiccation is one of them.

— Nov 29, 2017

Terry goes scouting

Let the scouting mission begin!

— Nov 9, 2017

Bon Voyage

Terry and the rest of the worker termites say goodbye to alates!

— Oct 13, 2017

The Flight Cut

With the weather warming up it's time to prepare for the alates to leave the nest!

— Sep 21, 2017

Attack of the Termites

Terry and his family continue to feed on the pine pallet!

— Aug 17, 2017

The Termite-ate-it

Feeding time for the Terry and his family of termites.

— Aug 16, 2017

2 Weeks Old Today!

Terry turns 2 weeks old and sheds his first skin.