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2 Weeks Old Today!

Posted by  Charlotte  Aug 16, 2017

Today I turned two weeks old and I’ve just shed my first skin. Quite a celebration I would have thought, but none of my 375,286 brothers & sisters seem to be very fussed about it. No cards, no cake – honestly you‘d think this kind of thing happens every day! Well actually I suppose it does happen a fair bit but even so- I mean shedding your first skin & all. To be fair, Mum is a bit busy; she laid another 1,500 eggs today.

Us workers have to do pretty much everything around here; scout, build, repair, eat wood and feed the other castes. And it’s full on 24/7, not a lot of time for relaxation. Right now I’m on a work gang, building a mud shelter tube over some bricks .Word from the scouts is– there’s a lovely pine pallet sitting on top of the bricks. In a couple of hours when we get to the pallet, we can start eating the cellulose in the timber – mmmm cellulose aggggg.