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The Feeding Sites

Posted by  Charlotte  Apr 20, 2018

We’ve shared the news about the wine barrel and we’re the most popular termites in the colony. It’s every ones favourite feeding site and it’s teeming with workers and the usual quota of soldiers to keep everyone safe. In a couple of months it might all be gone but in the mean time the family can enjoy munching on the lovely flavoursome wood.  

Once we establish a feeding site we can build permanent connecting tunnels under ground, radiating out from the nest like spokes in a wheel.  We have one leading to the wine barrel, one to a picket fence, others to a tree stump, a letterbox and a few more that I haven’t been to yet. Sometimes we desert a feeding site for weeks or even months if we get disturbed by something, or if conditions there get too hot or too cold. Some above ground sites are like canned heat in summertime and no place for a termite. We can put a temporary seal on a tunnel if we need to close it down for a while and re open it later when conditions suit us better.

Unfortunately, I have to leave the wine barrel and go out on the road again. No mercy for a wicked son like me.       

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