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The King and Queen

Posted by  Charlotte  Feb 7, 2018

 Mum & Dad live a pretty secluded life; no scouting for them, in fact they never go anywhere. They live in a special cell called the royal chamber in the centre of the nest, tended and fed by an army of workers and protected by a phalanx of soldiers. Dad’s the King so he’s usually chilling deep, living the good life and not doing much of any thing. Mum is the Queen and is busy all day laying thousands of eggs. She’s the matriarch and rules over the colony using pheromone signals and commands that keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. She likes to say “If you want something done, ask a woman,” Dad says “Whatever” and cracks another brew.

 Sadly for Mum, she can barely move on her own and if the nest was ever flooded and we needed to move her to safety, it would take hundreds of us to do it. She’s physogastric, which means she has a big fat…. err …. She’s rather ….um …. well let’s just say she’s a big girl and in more ways than one,        the lady’s not for turning.