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The Termite-ate-it

Posted by  Charlotte  Aug 17, 2017

Yahoo! we’ve reached the pallet; not only is it made of pine; it also has been attacked by fungus. Just the way we like it. The fungus makes the wood softer and easier to chew; plus it provides us with protein. A termite can’t live by carbohydrates alone.

Actually I can’t chew properly just yet, so my older worker siblings still have to feed me. They do that by - oh never mind, you don’t want to know. Suffice it to say they have to digest the cellulose, and then feed it to all of us nymphs as well as the adult soldiers, alates and Dad & Mum –The King & Queen. I also get the protozoa & bacteria for my gut from their gut. I will need those things in my belly when I’m an adult worker so that I can digest the cellulose myself. . A few more moults and my mouth parts will form properly, then I’ll be chewing the house down – eh, no pun intended.

Some of my siblings will shed their skins a couple of extra times. During those extra moults they change into soldiers and alates. The soldiers develop big heads with pincers; they defend the colony from ants and other things. The alates do pretty much nothing; they are the future Kings & Qeens and prance about doing very little to help. They think they’re so special.” Look at me, I have wings” Ooh La Di Da