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The Wine Barrel

Posted by  Charlotte  Mar 15, 2018

Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. The life of a scout isn’t all beer and skittles, let me tell you. But today is pay day, one of those glorious days that come along once in a while; the ones    I dream about. We’ve found a wine barrel, my most favourite thing of all and we’re tucking into it. Wine barrels come in a variety of flavours and aromas depending upon what they’ve had in them. We’re not that choosy but this one is particularly nice; an exquisite red with gentle notes of liquorice & lavender that linger on the palate. 1985? Maybe 87 I’m not sure.  Any way, it’s delightful and it was very thoughtful of someone to leave it here for us.                                                                                

Now according to correct scouting etiquette, we should head straight back to the nest, laying a pheromone trail along the way that says there’s food at the other end. In this case, something especially delicious. The more workers that travel back and forth, the stronger the message becomes.  After a few days there can be thousands of us munching on the wood, harvesting the cellulose and taking it back to the nest to feed the colony. But we know the truth can be hard to come by and who’s to say if we found it yesterday, today or tomorrow? I think we might just keep this to our selves for a while. Bon appétit!