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bees.jpgTermico Technicians have the necessary chemicals and equipment to safely and effectively eradicate bees. 

Why are they considered to be pests?

Although beneficial for crop pollination and honey production, the honey bee can deliver a painful and for some people a very dangerous sting. They can be aggressive if disturbed and will attack in large numbers. For most people even a single sting is a very unpleasant experience. They sometimes nest in wall voids, under eaves and in sheds or any other darkened space that provides some shelter.

What can home owners do to control them?  

Swarming bees are often seen in spring but there is little that can be done until they clump together, other than to avoid them. They are likely to move on and settle high up in a tree and encounters with swarms are usually brief. If hives do form on or near properties and bees become a threat, home owners are advised to call a professional operator and not attempt to remove bees themselves. Wear shoes outdoors if bees are nearby.

Termico Bee Treatments

Termico offer a complete service in the eradication of bees from your home, these include:

1. Inspection - Fully inspect your home to find all ant harbourages and report findings to you

2. Aerosol – This treatment involves flushing crevices and cracks

3. Removal – and destruction of the bee’s nest

4. Pest-free Advice – Once the eradication treatment is complete we will advise you on how to help reduce future problems.

Bee Facts

Bees are insects belonging to the order Hymenoptera (membrane wing) along with ants and wasps. They have evolved from wasps but have become specialised for feeding on pollen and nectar. There are many thousands of species worldwide and they range in size from 2 mm to 40 mm in length. Some bees are solitary and some live in large social groups. Australia has about 1500 native species, some of which are stingless, none are considered to be aggressive and only a few have the capacity to sting people. The native bees however are not well suited to crop pollination and the European honey bee has been introduced for pollination and honey production.

Identifying bees

The familiar European honey bee is the most significant.

If you have a Bee problem call our dedicated Customer Service Team today

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