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Termite Treatments and Warranty


Termites are small but can cause devastating damage. 1 in 5 homes in WA suffer some sort of termite attack and the likelihood of termites invading your home in Perth is high. The very problem with termites is they are a hidden enemy. Regrettably, most home owners won’t know they have termites until the damage is done.

West Australian homes are at high risk of invasion of Termites.

That is why you need to have Termico protect your home and install a termite barrier. This acts as a shield against termite invasion.


Termite Control

Termico Pest Management is an accredited applier of the ‘Termidor’ products which are one of the most effective termite control treatment products on the market. 

All Termico technicians are fully trained employees with dedicated vans equipped with the latest direct injection systems with digital flow meters to ensure that, with minimal disruption to your home, a precise and exact dose is delivered to efficiently eradicate termites and other pests from your home.

Perth’s Most Comprehensive Warranty

Did you know your home and contents insurance does not cover you for termite damage?

It comes as a shock to most home owners who may have found termite damage in their home and have contacted their home insurer to find out they are not covered.

Termico solves this problem for you!

Our Termite Warranty acts as your insurance policy against future termite damage. “Termico Protect” your home against termite invasion and you receive peace of mind.

Our Termico Termite Warranty stands out against competitors’ warranties and promises. When other pest control companies won’t back their own treatments, Termico offer Perth’s most comprehensive termite treatment warranty. Once we install our termite barrier, we guarantee to repair or replace ANY items in the main residence that are damaged by termites during the warranty period! *Conditions apply

When you “Termico Protect” your home you are ensuring the ultimate shield is guarding your home from termite invasion.

Termico Protection adds value to your home. If you sell your home, our well known and trusted Termico Termite Warranty is fully transferable to the new home owner which adds to the value and security of your home and buyers love it.         

Termico customers trust us to protect their home and our premium Termico Termite Treatment Warranty ensures our continued commitment to you.


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