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All termite barriers installed by Termico are supported by Perth’s most comprehensive Termite Damage Replacement Warranty.

Under this warranty we guarantee to repair or replace any items in the main residence that are damaged by termites during the warranty period.

The Termite Damage Replacement Warranty can be renewed annually through our warranty renewal process, giving you peace of mind that your home stay’s protected!

Under our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty, we guarantee:

1)    To repair or replace (providing all labour and materials) ANY items within the main residence that are damaged by termites during the warranty period. These include (but are not limited to) roof timbers, ceiling materials, fixed cupboards, timber flooring, floor coverings, internal furniture and electrical cables *conditions apply

2)    To repair or replace any structural items in the garage/carport and alfresco, that are damaged by termites during the warranty period.

3)    To treat any termite infestation in the main residence or on the property (considered by Termico to be a risk to the main residence) FREE OF CHARGE during the warranty period.

Building Insurance DOES NOT cover termite attack.

Termico’s Termite Damage Replacement Warranty is the ONLY way to protect your home against the damage caused by termites!

Warranty Renewal Process

Termico’s Termite Damage Replacement Warranty can be renewed annually, and as part of the renewal process we will carry out a comprehensive Timber Pest Inspection of your property to ensure that your home remains free from termite activity and to check the termite preventative barrier we have installed is still effective.

WE WILL CONTACT YOU: An automatic reminder will be sent out to you when your warranty is due for renewal

PEACE OF MIND: One of our friendly, fully qualified and licensed Pest Technicians will visit your home to carry out a full Timber Pest Inspection. This involves inspection of the main residence (including roof void and sub-floor, where accessible) and the exterior of the property.

FREE LOCALISED TREATMENTS: We will carry out localised treatment of any termite activity detected on the property during the warranty period, & complete any remedial treatment required to the original barrier where required.

DISCOUNTS: We offer great discounts on other pest treatments which can be carried out during the inspection of your home.

REPORTING: Once the inspection has been completed you will be sent a comprehensive inspection report, along with a copy of your warranty renewal certificate.


You can have protect your home with our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty for 52c a day, much less than most pest control companies charge for a standard termite inspection.

Termico customers trust us to protect their home and our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty ensures our continued commitment to you.


Call us today to renew on (08) 9443 9451